First Dates For The Modern Man

September 15, 2015

It’s 2015 and dating has changed dramatically even in the last decade. When dating before the Internet Age, you might meet a potential partner at work, in a bar, or at the gym. Whilst the same can often still be said, you’re now equally likely to meet a significant other on Tinder or a dating site from the many thousands out there.

With our diverse approach to dating (and the likelihood that we’ll be going on far more dates as a result of having more options), it’s understandable that we might get a little… well, bored. The dinner-and-a-movie cliché is still fine, but it’s a bit dull and tedious for you and your partner if this is the third time in a month. Don’t panic though – help is on hand!

Why not host a full blown casino night? If you happen to live in Vegas, then there’s your answer, but the likes of the bgo casino can totally cater to you even if you don’t happen to be so fortunate! You can bring the casino to you with bgo casino, complete with food and of course, some drink to break the ice. Of course, if there’s a chance of really going to one of the big casinos like the Luxor casino on the strip someday, then this kind of thing is pretty good practice!

Gambling not your thing? No problem. Why not arrange an ‘experience’ day? Fellow daredevils tend to get on with one another, and if that sounds like you, why not test the water? Skydiving, racing, abseiling: they’re all slightly different dates which are bound to be memorable. In fact, there’s even some kind of psychology based around why things like bungee jumping might really be the ideal first date!

Tandem Bungee Jump for Valentine's Day - Kawarau Bridge, New Zealand

Of course, you don’t need to pull out all the stops to do something a little different. You don’t have to spend a fortune or go to too much effort before you’ve even got the chance to get to know someone! Something simple such as cooking the first meal together instead of going out for dinner can allow you to really get to know a person! Alternatively, a walk to a beautiful nature spot, ice creams on the beach, or a picnic in the park can all be really sweet ways to enjoy someone’s company without too much, too soon.

To be honest, some dates will go incredible well, and some will completely fail. It’s fine, it’s all part of the fun! Just have a read of a guide of what not to say, but otherwise – just be yourself. Are you having fun? That’s the main thing. If your potential partner isn’t, there’s no love lost. Perhaps that’s a little selfish, but having things in common with a person you might end up with isn’t too much of an ask at all.


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